Beverage menu


Large Coffee Service- Served with plain and flavored creamers, sweeteners, and various toppings. Serves approx. 25 guests.
Table Coffee Service
Hot Tea Service- 25 guests.
Hot Cocoa Services- Serves approx. 25 guests. Served with whipped cream, candy canes and mini marshmallows
Hot Apple Cider– Serves approx. 25 guests.
Iced Tea- Serves 16 guests per gallon
Tropical Iced Tea- Serves 16 guests per gallon
Orange Juice- Serves 16 guests per gallon
Lemonade- Serves 16 guests per gallon
Strawberry Lemonade– Serves 16 guests per gallon
Huckleberry Lemonade- Serves 16 guests per gallon
Assorted Canned Soda
Bottled Water
Bottled Sparkling Water
Assorted Juices


Well Cocktails
Craft Cocktails (preset ahead of time)
Top Shelf Cocktails
Champagne Toast
House Red Wine
House White Wine
Coors Light
Laughing Dog Brewing
Summit Cider
Current Seltzer

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